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Personalize Communication: Communicate with your employees like you talk to your customers
backstitch delivers employee communications to all devices and screens.
Targeted content delivered across multiple channels that leverages data-driven decisions

The First Content Creation Studio Built for Business Communicators

Easily drag-and-drop news clips, assets, micro-surveys and more.  Craft your message once and with a single click publish to your entire audience across all of your different channels.


backstitch Studio is the first content creation tool built for business communicators

A Personalized Experience Both Inside and Outside the Office

Whether your team members are in the office, in the field, or working from home; push notifications, internal content, industry news and more.  


backstitch works on desktop, tablets, mobile and digital displays

Realtime Analytics to Adapt to your Unique Internal Audience

Realize trends and behaviors, identify department allies and measure the ROI of communications and engagement.


Measure the ROI of employee engagement

Building an App Specifically for your Industry?

Easily integrate our curated media monitoring platform into your app to deliver industry news and thought leadership to your customers.


Bring curated industry and social new into your own app

Keep up to date on the latest tips and tricks around internal and corporate communications.

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